Catching Up

Hey y’all. It’s been a while.

This post really serves no other purpose but to resuscitate my blog. I’m sorry blog. I wanted to come shovel out all my excuses for being away so long. 

It’s been a busy, “why me??”, “really??” Kind of last two-ish months. For some reason my immune system tried to quit on me. It was one thing after another, and almost still is for a while. If anything it’s been motivating me to take much better care of my body while I search for reasons it’s so unhappy. In that laundry basket of ailments-my wisdom teeth are having to come out. a wisdom tooth infection was one of those wonderful things. Death by tooth, if you will. And although I discovered via very expensive X-ray and dental consultation that all four of them will need to come out at some point for one misery or another, I can barely afford one so I will be removing one very soon. The guy who got infected. He can’t be forgiven. 

I’ve never been lucky with my stomache or my head either. No diagnoses for those, but basically every stomach issue there is accompanied by pain and chronic migraine should summarize those pretty well. When it comes to digestion, there is a TMI level, and I do care to spare my readers.  *you’re welcome.* 

So how are things going now? Oh just half hour ago I had a hot cloth on my head and I was nearly crying as my brain seared on the right side behind my eye socket. But crying uses too many face muscles and I didn’t want to make matters worse. I’m well enough to write now! So that’s good. 

I’m starting to hear things like, “you’re always sick.” This is true. Not really what I was going for though. Like when people think of me I don’t want “sick” to be one of the main things. So, we gotta do something about this.

Luckily, most of it is gone. This migraine is my last repeat offender. Knocking on wood-but not really because I would wake up the baby. 

Lets talk about happier things. There is bit of that too. 

That sleeping baby I mentioned is now almost ten months old. I kept him in one piece for nearly a YEAR. There is a sense of accomplishment I get from that. He’s repeating after us now and crawling at lightening speeds. He’s a force to be reckoned with and I’m pretty proud and pretty scared. As sad as I am for him to grow up, I am already grinning for him imagining the sheer joy he will soon have by experiencing cake. It’s a lot better than puréed beets, son. 

Long story short, I love him so much. So much. So much I finally got my butt in gear and I’m starting school, like, tomorrow. So mom can be very smart and very well paid one day. 

Work, school, mommy. I’m wearing three hats now. I’m just hoping the weight on my head doesn’t set off any more migraines. 

James and I are well, we are approaching our 2 year anniversary in a week. Two years just flew. Two years since that magic swipe right. So surreal. I couldn’t have done any of this without him. We’ve had much more human moments with one another, and I can feel us growing into one another, parenting, and a more trusting love. Despite our differences, he’s in one piece too.  

Things have been and are going to stay busy from now on. I’m going to get this whole “make time for it all” thing down. In the meantime if you haven’t, I have been keeping up a little more with my beauty posts and quick photo updates on my Instagram. @the.millennial.mama 

ALSO!! Talk to me! I love to hear topic ideas to get my hamster on the wheel between posts. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog, let me know. 

MUAH- you guys are the best. This mama will be in touch. 



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